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Personalized Name Stamp for Kids Clothing

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Brand: Anlewo

Color: 13 Styles&36 Icons


  • Exquisite and beautiful: 13 styles & 36 icons.
  • Convenience: easy marking, considerable time saving.
  • Durable: more than 2500 marking times. (Be sure to stamp the bottom case in time after each use)
  • Washable: Multiple machine washing and drying cycles, not easy to fade. (Need to wait for the ink to dry completely after the name is stamped)
  • Note: It is not suitable for fabrics with large gaps, silk yarn, sweaters, nylon, smooth, dark colors, etc. (the material is too thin and the ink penetrates through the fabric)
  • Ironing strips: For non-applicable fabrics, you can choose the ironing mark name with the help of the printing tape we give away.

model number: Tampons

Part Number: Tampons

Details: Description If you are worried that your child will mess up or lose things at school or at home, you must stamp your name which is very convenient. You can print directly on clothes, shoes, school bags, books, socks and other items. You can also use the free stamp tape 1. Use the seal to seal the name on the seal and cut out the appropriate size 2. Heat the iron and stick the hot glue on the back of the printing tape on the clothes It is strongly recommended to use 5-7 letters for best results, as space is limited Product name: Customized children's name stamp High: 2.01 inches/51mm. Wide: 2.48 inches/63mm. imprint size:1.97*0.59 inches/50*15mm Package Include: 1*stamp 1*19.68 inch print tape 1*Protection Box Note: The product has been customized for you(your own name). If you don't want it. It has no value to others. Thanks for your understanding.This product belongs to the individual custom goods, not the quality question, does not accept the return exchange goods. Thanks for your understanding. Important note: The ink of the stamp will spread to the fabric of some clothes (fiber materials, large gaps, silk threads, sweaters, nylon and other fabrics). These fabrics cannot directly print the name on the clothes. If the operation is not done properly, the clothes may be soiled, so you can use the white printed name tape attached to the product to paste the name on the clothes with an iron.

EAN: 6089464654640

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Personalized Name Stamp for Kids Clothing

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