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Fourth of July outfits

4th of July Weekend Every Outfit Covered

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the time of the year where we get to talk about my favorite holiday, the Fourth of July! This is one of the absolute best days of the year. A day where you get to hang with family, friends, eat good food drink cold drinks and end the day watching fireworks.

Although it may sound relaxing, we all know at some point or another we will be stressed about what to wear during this weekend full of festivities. Let us help you plan your outfits so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the day! 

Although the Fourth of July goes hand in hand with stars and stripes, try to leave them to the decorations. Right now, it is all about having the red, white, and blue color scheme and bringing in a unique pattern for novelty. But that’s where the fun begins! The options are endless on what you can do to look fun, festive, and stand out!

Backyard BBQ

The backyard BBQ is the time of the day when memories are made! If you are in the south, where it is scorching hot, choose a loose graphic tee. Having the t-shirt not touching you will help you remain cool and not feeling sticky. Remember, do not wear a white top! Nothing is worse than looking at a picture and seeing a BBQ sauce stain. For shorts, jean shorts are the easiest to throw on to dress up the casual outfit. Also, if you don’t have white jean shorts, it is perfectly acceptable to wear blue jean shorts with a blue outfit! Have some fun with your accessories! Bring in all the red, white, and blue you want and show your patriotism! 

The main thing when creating a backyard BBQ outfit is picking something that you can move around in. You might be leaning down to grab a beer from the cooler or playing with kids, so planning for that will save you from being uncomfortable. If you never wear red, white, or blue jewelry but want to have some fun, check out places such as Target, Walmart, or H&M for affordable options.

4th of July BBQ Outfit

Brunch at the Club

Hello mimosa! Didn’t you hear? Festivities start early on the Fourth! Many people will be wearing the same variation of an outfit, so it’s important to have some fun and stand out! My favorite way to do this is by mixing patterns and textures. Go for one bold print and one subtle print. Use your accessories to tie the two together and make a cohesive outfit. Since it is relatively early, wear subtle accessories. Simple huggee earrings and bangle bracelets still contribute to the theme but do not draw too much attention. 

If you have anything uncomfortable or hot, but it’s perfect for the 4th, wear it to brunch! This is the ideal time to showcase a personal favorite because you most likely will be getting pictures, be sitting down, and be in air conditioning!

4th of July Brunch Date Outfit

Dinner on the Cruise

I mean, what is better than getting dressed up in a festive outfit! This summer’s floral trend is perfect for evening wear because it allows you to wear red and blue simultaneously. On other occasions, you might be hesitant to overpower an outfit with color, but the Fourth of July gives you that excuse! My main piece of advice for making sure your outfit doesn’t clash is to find accessories that are the same shade. This will give an effortless pulled-together look that still makes you pop!

If you lean more toward the all-white side of red, white, and blue, stick to a solid color dress. Then, in your accessories, pull in the other colors to bring it to the theme. A great way to incorporate all three colors is doing earrings in one color, shoes in another, and then tying the two colors together in a purse or clutch.

Independence Day Dinner Outfit

Day at the Beach

Ok, I get it, it’s the Fourth of July. You walked into Target, and you see the display of stared and striped swimsuits and think, perfect. NO! Keep walking! Just behind those swimsuits is an adorable, patterned swimsuit in red or blue. Leave the stars and striped to your kids! 

For swimsuits, I love a one-piece that doubles as a top! You can tie a sarong around it or put on flowy pants or a skirt giving you one less item to pack. For the swimsuit outfit, stick to red or blue in combination with white. This gives the outfit an elegant pulled-together look that looks like it was styled by a professional! If you want colored sandals that can get a little beat up at the beach, try Target, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.

4th of July Pool Day

Watching Fireworks

Arguably the most important event of the day, if not the most memorable event of the day, is the firework show. By this time in the day, everyone has showered, eaten dinner, and it has begun to cool off outside. Slim-fit jeans are a great place to start as they won’t stick to you and make you hot while still dressing you up. To avoid the stereotypical tank top, try a one-shoulder top! Tops are a great place to bring in patterns to add novelty to your outfit! A bonus with one-shoulder tops is you don’t need a necklace, and if it is long sleeve, you don’t need bracelets either. When watching the fireworks, fun earrings are a must! Kitten heels are very trendy this summer; however, the Fourth of July might not be the best time to wear them as you might be in the grass. If you want to wear a low heel, opt for a block heel to prevent you from sinking into the ground.  

Altogether, when creating an outfit to watch the fireworks, pick one solid piece of clothing, pants, or top, and then make the other one a patter. Tie your earrings, shoes, and purse into the colors of the top. Don’t be afraid to play around with mixing patterns and textures! If you want to have fun with your earrings, check out Bauble Bar for unique themed pieces!

4th of July Fireworks Parade Outfit

Watching the Parade

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the parade. It is when the patriotism and festivity are brought to life, and you cannot help but smile. I love dresses at parades because they are light, breezy, and easy to wear. Parades are the perfect occasion for prints because it is the time when everyone goes all out. Additionally, with a pattern, you can wear neutral accessories that you most likely already have. To avoid looking too cliché, I would recommend sticking to two colors. This will help you look chic and add an extra element of style. Additionally, to help set you apart, try a small heel! They are still very comfortable, and they elongate your legs!

Comfort is the main thing for the parade. At a parade, there is rarely shade and often some walking. This is the time to think through the practicality of your outfit.  My biggest tip is that you do not wear a strapless bra, sticky boobs, wedges, or any other shoe that could hurt or rub a blister. Trust me, you will regret it.

4th of July Parade Outfit

Happy Fourth of July Y'all!

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