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5 End of Summer Looks

5 End of Summer Looks

Here in Texas, it sure can feel like summer lasts forever, or at least well into October. As Saturday morning athletic events with the families are about to pick back up again, it can be challenging deciding what to wear or what is out of season. Knowing what is "in" can be challenging, especially in warmer places when all stores are filled with oversized sweaters.

We want to help give you five endless summer looks that will help take you into the fall!

1. Cotton Dress

When thinking about transitional pieces, you want to consider the fabric, color, and pattern. Cotton and other heavy materials give the visual impression that the clothing item is warmer and meant for a warmer season. Additionally, autumn colors such as rust orange, mustard, army green, and brown will also help an outfit appear more transitional. Also, prints such as deep florals, tartan plaid, and gradient appear as fall but come in many lightweight materials. 

As you get dressed in the transitional months, opt for clothing with a summer shade and a fall shade. For example, go for a mini mustard or rust color dress. Bright yellow and orange have been staples of the summer, and they will transfer into the fall through their fall shades. To make the colors more transitional, you can wear the outfit with white accessories to give it a more summer feel. Also, if you're going for more of a fall feel, opt for dark or denim accessories.

Cotton Dress

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2. High-Waisted Pants

This is hands down my favorite trend! If you have not invested in a pair of high-waisted pants, this is the time! High-waisted does not have to be super high. A mid-rise is still very trendy. Additionally, if you have a smaller torso, mid-rise is more flattering as it is more proportional to your body. High-waisted pants are great transitional pieces as they can be worn in any material and most colors and still remain transitional. All materials, even linen, and all colors besides pastels and white past Labor Day are acceptable. (And if you do want to wear white and pastels after Labor Day, we say, you do you do, girlie!).

Women's High-Waisted Levi's Jeans

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3. Monochrome

All white. Yes. All black. Yes. All Blue. Yes. If you can think of a color-on-color combination, it’s on-trend. In the hustle and bustle that we live in, learning how to style monochrome outfits can save you hours in front of the mirror. When going for an all-white outfit, use two shades of white. I love cream and white. Then with your accessories you can bring in some color or go for a simple look with tan or leather accessories. For black on black, give your body some shape by having one piece more fitted and the other looser. For a blue-on-blue outfit, wear jeans with a light button-down. Then don’t button the bottom two buttons and tuck in one side. This creates a casual chic look.  

Monochrome Women's Outfit

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4. Long Jean Shorts

The hack to flawlessly wearing long jean shorts, is to have them high-waisted and loose. The high-waisted jean trend carries over into the jean shorts. You don’t want them to be baggie, but you also don’t want them tight. Longer jeans shorts offer a great in-between option for traditional shorts and jeans. When styling them consider where you are going. They are casual, so to dress them up, try a blouse with a blazer and small heels. If you are going somewhere casual, go for a tucked-in graphic tee and trendy sneakers. To keep things proportional, grab a smaller purse instead of a tote! 

Long Jean Shorts Outfit

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5. Fanny Pack Fashion

Did I just scare you? Don’t be afraid to show your trendy side! Loosen the strap on the fanny pack and bring it crossbody. This is the most significant trend that can help carry your outfits into fall! When first purchasing a fanny pack, go for a simple one. Athletic stores such as lululemon, Athleta, and Gap have great options. When easing your way into a monochrome, start with an athletic outfit. An all-black outfit with a fanny pack offers a sporty and chic look. Overall, fanny packs are great options for when you just need a few things and don’t need the hassle of carrying a large purse! 

Fanny Pack Outfits for Women

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