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Summer Accessories

Accessorize in Style: Summer Edition!

If you have ever been hesitant to branch out, add some variety to an outfit or walk out of your door with the mentality of ‘who cares I like the outfit,’ summer is the time to do so! For the past few seasons and continuing into this summer, vibrant and neon colors are very much in style! Yes, it's not for everyone, and don’t worry, I have the classic looks covered as well. No matter if you choose classic or vibrant, you will look amazing with the following tips this summer! 

A key to accessorizing, is outfit sandwiches! An "outfit sandwich" is the idea is that you want to alternate colors. For instance, if you have a pink top, you will also want to wear pink shoes. In-between the two would be a different color, the color of your choosing! Now let’s take this idea to accessories. If you are wearing white earrings with a pink top, you would want to have a white purse. Making sandwiches allows you to wear color, patterns, and fun accessories in a cohesive, stylish way!


Let’s talk about statement earrings. Many people, especially with the current trends, are fearful of statement earrings because they think of large, chunky pieces of jewelry that can be heavy and take away from an outfit. However, statement earrings are defined as an earring that grabs someone’s attention. The size, color, or pattern is not mentioned. With that being said, if you are ever in a situation where you need to be a showstopper, I would head straight for the statement earring department. Whether it be colorful, sparkly, or vintage, a statement earring will grab people’s attention and leave you destined for a compliment! 

I am a leading fan of colorful earrings! Nothing brings me more joy than spicing up a bland outfit with hot pink earrings! The wonderful thing about colorful earrings is there are so many affordable options. A simple google search will bring you a plethora of unique, colorful, and beautiful pieces that look custom made for your outfit! To create a cohesive look, bring in the earrings’ colors throughout the outfit using outfit sandwiches. If your earrings are pink, try pink nail polish or pink accented bracelets, purses, or shoes! 

BaubleBar Raquel Earrings

Classic earrings are everything! No, that does not mean boring studs or plain hoops! A great way to show style is by differentiating yourself in a subtle way, such as in a classic earring. Opposed to choosing a basic hoop or huggee for your everyday earring, go for one with your birthstone, a pearl, or maybe one with artisanship in the design. Not only do these small variant details set you apart from the masses, but they give you a unique style and uniform. Additionally, although gold is trendy, silver is just as acceptable to be worn every day; just make sure that the style is contemporary!

Shell Front-Back Earrings, Set of 3


Necklaces are an accessory that people are very opinionated about. Some only like to wear one, and some like to layer three or more. The good thing is that there is no wrong way to wear necklaces! If you want to wear more than one, I have a couple of tips. To begin, a positive is that if your necklaces are minimalist, you can never wear too much. Try a necklace separator to avoid them getting tangled, if you struggle. If you desire something more substantial, opt for a chain or herringbone. A bonus with these thicker materials is that they help prevent other necklaces from tangling. Altogether, just make sure that all of your chains are different lengths and that the smaller pendants are at the top!

Layered Coin Necklace

If you like to wear one necklace (that’s me because it is the easiest, no care option), I have a few tips to make it count. Bringing in a touch of personality or something meaningful to you makes it unique and allows it to pop. If you are looking for a simple go-to necklace, try one with a small jewel such as your birthstone. If you are looking for a pendant, look on Etsy for one to personalize with your name or initials. Personalizing the one necklace gives it meaning and allows it to be a statement!

Gold Monogram Chain Necklace

As with everything this summer, color, and 90s vibes are in style! If you want to jump on the trend, I recommend tying it in with all your other necklaces. If you layer necklaces, maybe switch one out for a blue pendant. If you are going to the beach, try the beaded or pearl necklaces. You can pick and choose the amount you want to dabble in this trend, but it can be fun to bring something new into your wardrobe!

Shades of Sea Triple-Layer Necklace


One, three, or five is the umbrella rule to live by! If you go beyond five, well, you already broke the rule, so knock yourself out! The one, three, or five rule is pulled from interior design and is the principle of what attracts and draws the eye’s attention. Have you ever noticed how when bracelets are sold, they are typically sold individually or in packs of three or five? When wearing multiple bracelets, do not be afraid to mix colors, sizes, and metals. Part of the fun is the novelty that it can bring! However, I do have a few tips for you.

Multi-Color Chicklet Bracelet

To begin, you do not want to cover more than 1/3 of your forearm. Wear the fitted pieces such as your watch close to your hand and stack the bracelets and bangles behind. If you have pieces that you never take off, try mixing in a trendy beaded bracelet or a colorful rope bracelet with a pendant. There is nothing wrong with having jewelry you never take off but bringing in new pieces can pull an outfit together!

Hair Accessories

Have you noticed how hair accessories are all the rage this year? Around every corner is claw clips, ponytail covers, barrettes, headbands, and many more! If you are generally hesitant to jump on a trend, this is the best one to join! All of these can be found at Amazon, Walmart, Target, or any other store you frequent (like your grocery store). Additionally, there are so many variations. All clips come in an elegant gold or silver, a bold color, or embellished with pearls. The headbands come in bold patterns or solid colors, a knot on top, or a weave texture and can come embellished!

Molten Metal Hair Claw Clips, Set of 2

If you are ever in a rush and are throwing on an outfit, I recommend adding a simple hair accessory! They do wonders for pulling outfits together and making you look polished with little to no effort. If you have a bad hair day, a claw clip will save you and look like you put more effort in than a ponytail. Additionally, if it’s humid (like it has been recently), go for a barrette or clip to help keep the hair contained. To add the ‘something's missing’ element of an outfit, pull out a headband to complete it!

Solid Puffy Headband


My personal opinion is that you can never have enough purses. They are like shoes; you wear them with every outfit, and you need a new one for every outfit combination. This summer, beaded bags are everywhere. They have been rising as a trend for the last couple of seasons, but they are the most prevalent this summer. Many stores carry them; however, why would you want one that is mass-produced when you can have a custom one? Etsy is stocked with shops that custom make purse straps, clutches, and totes!

Small Mini Tote Purse Handbag in Black Khaki Brown and White

For football games, I ordered a custom purse from Etsy that says Hook ’em! Trust me when I say that you feel so special when you can hear people talking about how cool and unique your purse is. On many occasions, I have seen clutches gifted for graduations, weddings, and bridesmaids! They are the perfect personalized gift. For lake or beach days or simply running around town, a beaded monogram on your tote can help you appear stylish!

It's Time to Accessorize

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your style and embrace vibrant and neon colors. Whether you prefer classic looks or bold and colorful outfits, these tips will help you look amazing throughout the season. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, express your individuality, and have fun with your accessories this summer!

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