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Meet Our Stylists – All About Lana

Lana Rowder 

Founder I CEO I Personal Stylist

Lana Ashby Rowder

All About Lana

Lana's upbringing unfolded in a quaint Nebraska town, a tight-knit community where just 364 residents called home. From a tender age, Lana harbored a profound fascination with personal styling, a passion that ignited her creativity in crafting delightful outfits. Her innate talent was further validated when Lana earned the distinction of being voted the most fashionable student during her high school years.

Following the culmination of her high school journey, Lana embarked on a path aligned with her true calling—assisting and caring for others. Enrolling at the University of Nebraska, she set her sights on nursing, and there, she honed her skills and knowledge. Lana's nursing odyssey commenced at St. David's Hospital in Austin, Texas, where she joined the Medical/Surgical Department. Her dedication led her through a diverse array of specialties, including cardiac, neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, emergency services, and postpartum care.

Life took an exciting turn when Lana crossed paths with Nick, her future husband, amidst the hospital's bustling corridors. The pair welcomed their first daughter in 2013, followed by another bundle of joy in 2015. Faced with the challenges of demanding 12-hour nursing shifts and a longing to spend more quality time with her daughters, Lana transitioned into a role as a substitute nurse at her children's school.

Mother and two girls by ocean

How It Started

However, Lana's personal transformation journey truly took flight after the birth of her daughters. She struggled to find attire that made her feel both beautiful and confident, causing her to withdraw from social activities. Much like her, numerous friends revealed their similar struggles and sought her guidance on reinventing their style in this new phase of life. Lana's friends often shared sentiments like "I just want to feel confident and beautiful when I step out" or "I'm tired of wearing old maternity clothes." These heartfelt confessions inspired Lana to share her own experiences and insights to empower fellow women. She embarked on a path to offer styling advice and began with her friends, then extended her assistance to friends of friends, ultimately birthing the concept of lookingGLASS Lifestyle. Lana bolstered her expertise by earning a Personal Styling Certification from the New York Institute of Art and Design, driven by an unwavering passion to help women discover their unique style for any occasion.

What Lana is Wearing this Fall

Concert look

Fall in Austin is simply incredible! With concerts, races, and festivals galore, there's so much to enjoy. I've chosen this particular outfit because it's perfect for the exciting events that Austin has to offer, like concerts. It effortlessly combines a touch of edginess and unique character that sets it apart from your everyday attire. This style allows me to convey that I'm here to have a great time without coming across as if I'm trying too hard. It strikes a perfect balance between youthful exuberance and age-appropriate fashion, making it suitable for all the moms out there who still love to rock and roll.

A trendy romper is ideal for staying cool and looking stylish. Considering the current denim craze, I've opted for a romper made from this popular material. Plus, at events like ACL (Austin City Limits), where things can get a bit dusty or muddy, cowboy boots are my go-to choice. They provide both comfort and style while allowing me to romp around with ease—just be sure to break them in beforehand!

Where Lana Shops

Stores where Lana shops Lana, the renowned stylist, has an impeccable sense of fashion that effortlessly combines high-end luxury with trendy streetwear. When it comes to shopping for her clients or herself, Lana often frequents a curated selection of stores that cater to her unique style preferences. One of her go-to destinations is Revolve, a fashion-forward online boutique that offers a wide range of designer brands and cutting-edge pieces. Here, Lana can explore the latest in contemporary fashion, ensuring her clients are always dressed in the hottest trends.

Petal and Pup is another favorite shopping spot for Lana. This Australian brand is known for its chic and feminine aesthetic, offering a selection of dresses, separates, and accessories that perfectly align with Lana's vision for her clients. Whether she's hunting for a statement piece or a timeless classic, Lana knows that Petal and Pup's collection will have something to suit her discerning taste.

For a bohemian twist in her styling repertoire, Lana turns to Free People. This store provides Lana with a plethora of boho-inspired options, from flowy maxi dresses to cozy knitwear. Lana loves incorporating Free People's unique pieces into her clients' wardrobes, adding a touch of effortless boho-chic to their looks. Whether she's shopping for a summer music festival or a cozy winter getaway, Free People's eclectic range always inspires Lana's creativity. 

Woman in red jumpsuit

Let's Chat

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Lana if you have any questions or if you're getting ready for an upcoming event. Lana is truly excited to bring her styling expertise into play and assist you in discovering that dream look you've always wanted. Feel free to click here and shoot her an email! She's eagerly looking forward to hearing from you! 😊 

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