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Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses to Flatter Your Face Shape

Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses to Flatter Your Face Shape

We've all been there, right? Standing in front of a display of sunglasses, trying on pair after pair, and checking out our reflection as we go through them, hoping to stumble upon the magical ones that just click. Well, guess what? There’s actually a bit of a trick to it—it’s all about finding the best sunglasses for your face shape. Let’s dive into how you can find your perfect match!

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped and triangle faces are similar with a broad forehead and a narrower jaw. But here’s the scoop: if you’ve got a heart-shaped face, your chin tends to be more pointed, and you might rock a striking widow's peak. The best sunglasses for this face shape are: Cat eyes, wayfarers, angular shapes. 

Here’s the deal: With your wider forehead and cute, narrower chin, cat-eye sunglasses are basically your style soulmate. They echo the natural contours of your face, bringing everything into sweet harmony and really making your eyes pop. Wayfarers are also fab, offering that timeless vibe without overpowering your upper face.

The hot tip here is to steer clear of frames that are too busy or chunky up top—they can mess with the natural vibe of your features and make your forehead seem larger than it is. Try and stay away from embellished frames, thick or heavy frames. Keep it sleek and simple up there!

Square Faces

Square faces rock a strong jawline with a forehead and jaw that measure pretty similarly, packing more definition and angles compared to round or oval faces. When it comes to choosing the perfect sunglasses for your face, think contrast! The best picks for you are round and oval shapes or aviators. These styles soften your sharp angles and give your look a little oomph.

Here’s a tip: Opt for round and oval frames with gentle curves to tone down those strong jawlines. It's best to avoid square or rectangular frames, as well as tiny frames, because they tend to amplify the sharpness. Keep things soft and stylish with curves!

Round Faces

Round faces are all about soft, curved lines with the width and length pretty much in sync. These adorable faces typically show off fuller cheeks and a gentle jawline. If you’ve got a round face, your best sunglasses are going to be rectangular or square frames, or even some cool geometric shapes. These styles add a dash of definition by introducing angles to your soft features and elongating your face for a fabulously striking look.

On the flip side, you might want to skip rounded frames and oversized ones. Rounded sunglasses can make your face appear even rounder, which doesn't really play up the contrast, and oversized frames can overpower your delicate features, which isn’t usually the most flattering choice. Stick to angles and crisp lines to really show off your face’s natural charm!

Triangle Face Shapes 

If you've got a triangle face shape, you're rocking a broader forehead and a narrow chin, giving off that subtle inverted triangle vibe! When it comes to sunglasses, think about styles that bring balance to your wider forehead. Our top pick for this face shape is a sleek rectangular frame, which works wonders in balancing out those features. Cat eye sunglasses and chic browline styles also complement this shape beautifully.

On the flip side, steer clear of bulky frames, round frames, and those fluttery butterfly shapes. Stick to sleek lines and angles for a look that's spot on!

Oval Faces 

If you've got an oval face, consider yourself lucky! Your face is gently rounded and longer than it is wide, making it one of the most versatile shapes for sunglasses.

When it comes to sunglasses, most frame shapes look great on you. However, the real winners are square, rectangular, or round frames that match or exceed the width of the broadest part of your face. These shapes keep your face looking naturally balanced and harmonious.

On the flip side, steer clear of overly large or very narrow frames, as they might overpower or throw off your lovely features. Stick to frames that keep everything in harmony, and you'll rock those shades effortlessly!

Diamond-Shaped Faces

People with diamond face shapes, known for their high and wide cheekbones paired with a more narrow chin and forehead, create that classic diamond appearance.

When it comes to sunglasses, it's all about balance. For diamond shapes, styles like cat eye sunglasses offer a nice contrast to your angular shape without overwhelming it. Oval or rimless frames can also complement your cheekbones and soften strong angles. Additionally, overly narrow or boxy frames might exaggerate your cheekbones and create the illusion of a wider forehead. Sunglasses with lots of heavy detailing can throw off your natural balance. Stick to styles that enhance your features while keeping everything harmonious for a look that shines bright!

Rectangle Face Shapes 

if you've got a rectangle face shape, you're in the club of faces longer than they are wide, but with straight sides and a squared, defined jawline!

When it comes to rocking sunglasses, it's all about finding that perfect balance. Rectangle faces shine in sunglass styles with rounded edges or funky shapes like aviators, adding a touch of softness while balancing out your facial width. But watch out for rectangular or square frames; they might accentuate those straight lines too much and elongate your face. And those tiny frames? They could elongate your features even further, so go big or go home for a look that's fabulously balanced!

So there you have it! We've unlocked the secret to finding those dreamy shades that not only protect your eyes but also make you look effortlessly put together. Whether you're rocking an oval, round, square, diamond, or rectangle face shape, there's a perfect pair waiting to adorn your lovely face.

Remember, it's all about balance and harmony. Embrace your unique features and let your sunglasses accentuate your natural beauty. So next time you're on the hunt for sunglasses, keep your face shape in mind and have fun trying on different styles until you find the ones that make you feel like a superstar!

Now go forth, shine bright, and enjoy those sunny days with your fabulous new shades. Happy styling!


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