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February Faves: Stylist-Approved Essentials

February Faves: Stylist-Approved Essentials

Hey fabulous friends! February is strolling in, bringing a bit of chill and slowing things down – and if you're anything like me, it's the perfect excuse to just kick back at home. Our amazing stylists have rounded up a bunch of our absolute faves – you know, those go-to items that we just can't resist picking over and over again! From beauty must-haves that make you shine to the comfiest loungewear, we're here to sprinkle you with a daily dose of favorites. So, grab a glass, gals! Let's dive into our top picks! 🌟


Beauty and Skincare

Alright, my beauty-loving buddies, it's time to pay close attention because I've got the inside scoop on the absolute essentials that we can't get enough of! And here's the real magic – every single one of these gems is straight from Amazon. I kid you not – we're talking budget-friendly delights that have officially been stamped with the stylist's seal of approval. Picture this: a curated collection of treasures that won't break the bank but will undoubtedly level up your beauty game.

Makeup Bag
Meet the flat lay organizer of your dreams – your ultimate travel sidekick! ✨ This little beauty is more than just a bag; it's got a handle for that extra touch of convenience, it's waterproof, and it's all about keeping things in their designated spots with organized compartments. Whether you're off on a jet-setting adventure or just glamming up your daily routine, this organizer is armed with dividers to keep your beauty treasures perfectly in place. And guess what? It's not just water-resistant – it's a full-on waterproof! 
Round Hair Brush
We are huge fans of this round brush. With its lightweight design, it effortlessly enhances your styling. Discover the hidden sectioning pick cleverly tucked into the handle—a must-have for easy and effective hairstyling.
Make up Sponges
Why splurge $20 on a single beauty blender when you can snag this fantastic 5-pack from Amazon? We tested them out, and they're an excellent substitute—you won't even notice the difference! Plus, they come at a fraction of the cost, giving you five sponges for the price of one.
Lip Sleeping Mask
Meet our cold weather BFF – the lip sleeping mask! We absolutely swear by this gem to shield your lips from the chilly weather. It's a bedtime essential for us, always right by our bedside, and we religiously apply it every night. Trust us, this is a must-have – go ahead and treat yourself!
We've been loyal to this silk pillowcase for a while, and we're absolutely hooked! It's a game-changer not just for your hair but also for your skin. The quality is great, and it's a breeze to wash. If you haven't joined the silk game yet, make 2024 the year to switchover.
If you're on the lookout for a new curling iron or wand, we've got the perfect choice for you! This wand comes with three interchangeable barrels, allowing you to switch from tight and bouncy to soft and lived-in, to big and bold—all with a shiny, long-lasting finish. No matter the look you're aiming for, this curling iron has got your back in achieving it effortlessly.

Lounge Wear/Casual Wear

My wardrobe is all about those laid-back, cozy vibes. Amazon is my go-to for trendy yet comfy pieces that won't break the bank. They strike the right balance—making me look put together enough to step out, all while handling the chaos of mom life. These picks are ideal for lounging at home, Saturday morning basketball games, or shuttling kids from one activity to the next. Designed for everyday moms like us, these items have seriously simplified my getting-ready routine

Black pajamas
This is the ultimate classic pajama set – cute and incredibly comfy! It comes in a bunch of colors and prints, all equally adorable. We're longtime fans and have this set in multiple colors. These PJs have been with me on girls' trips, beach vacations, and even in the delivery room at the hospital. They're stretchy, soft, and wash up like a dream. If you're after a stylish yet comfy pajama look, your search ends right here.
Half zip Pullover
This sweater is making waves! Cute, functional, and oh-so-comfy, it's a total win. The adorable colors are just what I needed to brighten up the dreary winter days, with pink being my absolute favorite. It's like the perfect dupe for the beloved scuba sweater – a flawless match at the perfect price point. 
Womens Turtleneck
This turtleneck sweater is a repeat offender in my wardrobe. Dress it up with jeans or keep it casual over leggings – it's that versatile. The perfect go-to for transitioning seamlessly from one activity to the next. With a range of colors, there's one to suit every style. And trust me, this piece is a compliment magnet – we get so many compliments on it!
Straight ankle jean
Levi jeans are an absolute staple in our wardrobe – tried, true, and universally flattering! This straight ankle jean is a must-have staple item. The color and cut are spot-on, making it perfect for coffee with the gals, cheering on the kids from the stands, or a dinner date with the husband. And the price point? It's too good to pass up!
This black long sleeve bodysuit is top-notch in quality. While it comes in multiple colors, we're currently crushing on this chic neutral option. It's become our go-to, pairing seamlessly under cardigans, with jeans, leather pants, and even wide-legged trousers. Seriously, it goes with everything! We're big fans of bodysuits – they're super flattering and effortlessly add that put-together vibe!
This loose worktop is the perfect blend of cute and comfy. It gives off that put-together vibe while allowing you to be on the move or crush a workout. With its relaxed fit, it's both lightweight and durable. Soft to the touch and available in some seriously cute colors – we couldn't resist, and now we have it in multiple shades!
I don't know about you, but 9 times out of 10, I'm grabbing for my black yoga pants. You can never have too many, right? I'm pretty particular about my yoga pants, and this pair ticks all the boxes. Being a c-section mommy, tummy control is a must, and these high-waisted ones deliver. The compression is just right – not too tight, not too loose. They strike that perfect balance of softness and compression. Trust me, give this pair a go and save yourself a few bucks!
This scoop neck tank is seriously flattering. I'm quite picky about tanks – how they fit around the belly, arms, and chest. This one hits all the right notes for the perfect cami. Wear it under sweaters, throw on a cardigan, dress it up, or keep it casual. It's that ideal blend of fitted without feeling suffocating. Love it!
These baggy fleece sweatpants are totally in for the winter season, and let me tell you, finding a cute pair that doesn't make me look frumpy has been a struggle. But I hit the jackpot with this beige pair! Doubling up with a matching beige hoodie gives it that perfect set feel. Throw on some chunky socks and ankle uggs, and voilà – cute and trendy vibes all the way!


Jackets and coats are more than just about keeping warm – they're the secret weapon that takes your outfit to the next level. It's that sweet spot where comfort meets serious style. And guess what? We've got you covered with options that are not only stylish but also budget-friendly. These picks are right on trend, ensuring you'll look effortlessly put together without breaking the bank.

I'm thrilled that puffer jackets are making a comeback, and it looks like they're here to stay! They're just so cute, especially when they come in bold colors. This khaki one is my latest obsession – goes with everything! And let's talk about that bright green – a total showstopper. I'm all about embracing bright colors this winter, breaking free from the idea that they're only for nicer weather. Bring on the vibrancy!



This knit coat cardigan adds a touch of class that takes your outfit from basic to totally put together! I'm a fan of this classic light tan color – it's just so versatile. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also keeps you stylish. This coat is flattering on everyone and is the kind of piece that will stay in style for years to come. A timeless winner!


As I navigate busier phase with my kiddos, choosing the right shoes has become my daily struggle. Functionality is a must, but I can't resist the occasional pair that makes an outfit pop. Balancing practicality with style is key, and these items are the perfect solution for those of us who are realists but still enjoy a touch of fancy every now and then.

Veja Sneakers

I don't know about you, but these days my heels are gathering a bit of dust while my sneakers are clocking in the miles. With all the chasing after little ones and hopping from one activity to another, tennis shoes are a lifesaver. What I love about these is that they're still trendy enough to dress up or down. I've had my fair share of cute white tennis shoes that didn't quite hold up, but this pair, despite being a bit pricier, is top-notch in quality. They're versatile, durable, and will be in your wardrobe for years. White sneakers are one of those items I don't mind investing a bit more in – they're a reliable staple!


Absolutely loving these scrunch heel boots – cute and comfy, the perfect combo! They effortlessly elevate your look without the discomfort. Whether paired with jeans or a dress, they're that versatile. A timeless pair that promises both durability and style, ensuring they stay a wardrobe favorite for years to come.


Say goodbye to splurging on pricey intimates that offer support! We've discovered high-quality pieces that come at a fraction of the cost. Save those dollars for more exciting finds and still feel supported and fabulous in your undergarments.

Bralettes are my go-to best friend – comfy and giving the girls the support they need. This pack from Amazon not only comes at an amazing price but also maintains fantastic quality. I practically live in bralettes, and this pack is top-notch in terms of both comfort and durability."
Wondering if these socks live up to the hype? Absolutely! They're incredibly comfortable, offering fantastic support. We're big fans of this brand because, beyond arch support and blister-blocking, every pair you buy contributes to donating a pair to someone in need. It's comfort with a cause!
Can you believe it – one size fits all underwear that actually lives up to the promise! I was skeptical until I got these as a gift, and now it's a definite YES! They're lacy, comfy, and they always fit like a dream. I've worn them through various stages of life, even during pregnancy. Trust us, they're worth every penny. You won't regret grabbing this little trio set!
This scoop neck yoga bra is a game-changer. It's perfect under all your cozy layers or worn by itself – it's a bit longer, giving off that cool crop top vibe. My favorite combo is pairing it with high-waisted leggings. With a variety of colors, including classics, it's a fantastic option for both style and comfort


Don't get us wrong, we adore our fancy designer glasses, but these days, they're not the ones I'm constantly reaching for. I need lots of glasses – they might end up in different vehicles, diaper bags, purses, or various spots in the house. With kids always grabbing them off my face, they don't need to be super fancy. While I'm on the hunt for cost-effective options, I still love sporting stylish pieces. These two pairs are in our collection, and we absolutely love them!

Our favorite go-to sunglasses? These cat-eye stunners! We're constantly getting compliments on them, and they seriously look fantastic on everyone. Plus, the cost of these is unbeatable – trendy vibes without breaking the bank!



I've ordered this pair more than once, and they're a staple in my collection. I absolutely adore these sunglasses – they're incredibly flattering and so cute! With a variety of color options, they're not only stylish but also versatile. These are yet another pair that we just can't get enough of.

lookingGLASS stylists

We hope this long list of our everyday favorites brought something special to your attention! We couldn't keep these pieces a secret and just had to share the love. Our mission is to help you look and feel great – we're always here for you!


lookingGLASS stylists

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