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Statement Pieces for the Holidays

Statement Pieces for the Holidays

The Holidays Are a Great Time for Statement Pieces

There’s no better time than the holidays for flaunting your favorite statement piece. Large or small, a statement piece catches the eye and lends interest that can make any outfit look bold or unique. As you become more confident in your fashion styling, it’s often your statement pieces that put the signature in your signature look. This is one of the key areas a personal stylist will help you with.

Statement Piece 1: Sequins

Nothing says festive like a little sparkle, and there’s no time like the holidays to make a bold statement with sequins. A sequin skirt or jacket can put a pop in your mood—and everybody else’s that gets to enjoy your look along with you! We love this classic knee-length black sequin pencil skirt for the holidays. Sequins guarantee this piece will make a statement and the classic cut and color mean the possibilities are endless. Pair up with a solid turtleneck and you’ll put a spark in any meeting with a client or with a soft-look blouse to put a shimmer in your date night. With choices of length from mini to maxi, your sequin skirt will have you well on your way to a fabulous, stylish you for the holidays.

Sequin Skirts

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To top it off, say Happy Holidays with a sequin jacket. We’re crazy about these jackets and dusters for the classic look.

Sequin Jackets

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And finally, these sequin tops are understated enough to say yes to any occasion! We get it. All these gorgeous sequin statement pieces make you want to burst at the seams just thinking about rockin’ your style this holiday season!

Holiday tops

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Statement Piece 2: Tweed Pants

Who doesn’t love the classic look of tweed. If you’re channeling your inner Chanel this holiday season, go with a pair of good quality tweed trousers. A little fun fact: did you know the original name of this fabric was “tweel”? According to one story, a London merchant misinterpreted a handwritten letter inquiring about some “tweels.” He thought it must be a trade name taken from the River Tweed that flows through the Scottish Borders textile area where tweel originated. So, the merchant puts out some ads featuring “Tweed.” And there you have it. It’s been tweed ever since.

Tweed Pants

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Statement Piece 3: Sweater Dress

As the holiday season ushers in a sense of warmth and celebration, there's no better way to make a stylish statement than with the timeless allure of sweater dresses. These versatile ensembles seamlessly combine coziness and elegance, embracing you in their soft embrace while ensuring you stand out at any festive gathering. The rhythmic weave of the knit fabric not only provides comfort during the colder months but also adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Whether adorned with intricate patterns or kept minimalistic, sweater dresses effortlessly capture the spirit of the holidays, making them a must-have addition to your seasonal wardrobe. From intimate family gatherings to lively office parties, these dresses exude an air of effortless chic, allowing you to move gracefully from day to night with a touch of flair. Embrace the enchantment of the holidays with sweater dresses that not only wrap you in warmth but also radiate charm, turning heads and spreading joy wherever you go.

Sweater Dresses 

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Statement Piece 4: Knee-High Boots

Boots, beyond their utilitarian roots, have evolved into iconic statement pieces that wield the power to transform any outfit into a bold fashion statement. From ankle boots to knee-high wonders, each length possesses a unique personality that perfectly complements different styles. Ankle boots, with their versatile silhouette, effortlessly elevate casual ensembles while adding an edge to dressier looks. Mid-calf boots exude a confident and daring vibe, ideal for striking a balance between comfort and style. Moving upwards, knee-high boots exude a timeless elegance that pairs harmoniously with dresses and skirts, delivering a touch of sophistication. When it comes to over-the-knee boots, they exude an audacious allure that demands attention, creating a daring contrast when paired with everything from miniskirts to oversized sweaters. The lengths may vary, but one thing remains constant: boots are more than just footwear; they're a striking expression of personal style that has the power to turn heads and make a lasting impression.


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Statement Piece 5: Faux Fur Jacket

Step into the enchanting world of winter fashion with the ultimate statement piece for the upcoming holidays: the faux fur jacket. As snowflakes delicately descend and festivities fill the air, there's no better way to make a memorable entrance than by draping yourself in the luxurious embrace of a faux fur masterpiece. The faux fur jacket is more than an accessory; it's a conversation starter, a tangible expression of your unique personality, and a nod to timeless glamour. Whether you're pairing it with a sleek evening dress or dressing up your favorite jeans, this sumptuous garment promises to turn heads and evoke admiration throughout the holiday season. Embrace the chill in the air while radiating warmth and sophistication – the faux fur jacket stands ready to redefine holiday fashion.

 Faux Fur Jackets

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