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Maximizing Space and Style: Expert Tips from Professional Organizer Katie on Decluttering Your Home



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Nestled within the lively ambiance of Austin, Texas, renowned for its energetic cultural scene and innovative vibe, Katie at Settled in Soundly emerges as a master of organizational expertise. Her ability to transform chaotic spaces into serene sanctuaries has profoundly impacted the lives of her clients. In a world where the clutter of daily life can be overwhelming, Katie's work is a testament to the power of a well-organized space to foster peace, productivity, and joy.

Investing in the services of a professional organizer like Katie is often hailed as some of the best money you'll ever spend. The ripple effects of such an investment go beyond mere aesthetics, touching on aspects of mental well-being and daily efficiency. Personal stylists, in particular, appreciate the value organizers bring to their work. By helping clients streamline their wardrobes and declutter their spaces, organizers like Katie enable women to approach each day with confidence, making outfit selection a seamless part of their morning routine. This unique collaboration between stylist and organizer highlights the transformative potential of a well-considered space.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to sit down with Katie and ask her some questions. Her tips for organizing your space will be a game changer for those of us looking to have a more stress-free space!




Lana: Can you share your top three organizing tips for those of us looking to declutter our closets effectively?

Katie: Of course! My top three tips are:

  1. Start with sorting! This will make the entire process easier. If you need suggested categories, you can download a free checklist from our website.

  2. Edit regularly. Making a habit of reviewing your wardrobe, particularly in between seasons, will help keep things manageable. As we move from cold to warm weather, for example, assess what you didn't wear this winter and consider parting with it, or moving it to a different location for storage.

  3. Pace yourself! Decluttering is hard work, both physically and mentally. People often get overwhelmed partway through and never finish. Tackle one space or project at a time, to make slow and steady progress.


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Lana: In your experience, what's the most common mistake people make when trying to organize their homes, and how can they avoid it?

Katie: The most common organizing mistake I see people make is jumping straight into purchasing organizing products before taking stock of what they have. They want to get organized, so they head to The Container Store, ready to buy storage solutions, thinking these will solve their organizational challenges. The most effective organizing, however, always starts with an understanding of what you already have and what you genuinely need.

Lana: What's one organizing secret you swear by that most people might not know about?

Katie: One valuable but often overlooked organizing secret is to always check for vertical space! By that I mean utilizing the full height of a space with hooks, shelving, and other hanging organizers to maximize storage without consuming floor space.

Lana: Efficiency is key in both our fields. Could you walk us through your process for organizing a space efficiently?

Katie: Absolutely, efficiency is key in organization. Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your needs, pain points, and vision for your space. We follow a proven 5-step process called the SPACE formula, developed by Julie Morgenstern: Sort, Purge, Assign a Home, Containerize, and Equalize. It's important to follow the steps in order!

Lana: When it comes to hiring a professional organizer, what should people look for? Are there any red flags to be aware of?

Katie: I'd say the most important thing to consider when hiring a professional organizer is to make sure you choose someone who actively listens to you. Red flags include a one-size-fits-all approach and a lack of collaboration.

Lana: Your work must bring about a lot of positive change in people's lives. Could you share a particularly memorable transformation story with us?

Katie: I'd love to! One transformation that stands out involves a family moving to Austin from New York. Months later, my client let me know that the spaces we set up were STILL her favorite rooms in the house, because our work was so thoughtful, practical, and pretty.


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Lana: In your opinion, how does organizing impact personal style and daily routine for women?

Katie: A well-organized closet streamlines the outfit selection process, saving you time and reducing decision fatigue. It promotes a sense of calm and control, helping you start the day on the right foot with a smooth morning routine.

Lana: Lastly, for anyone feeling inspired to start their organizing journey after this interview, what's the first step you'd recommend they take?

Katie: I'd recommend starting with some self-reflection. Why do you want to get organized? What areas are causing you the most stress? Setting realistic goals and starting with a single drawer or section of your closet can build momentum for your organizing journey.


Wow these were all such helpful tips. I learned a a lot with my time with Katie. Listening to Katie share her expertise on organization offers more than practical advice; it reveals a pathway to a more structured and peaceful life. It goes beyond mere decluttering—it's about creating an environment that enhances your personal style and daily tranquility. As personal stylists, we've observed the significant transformations that can occur with professional organizing. That’s why we firmly believe in the value of incorporating someone like Katie into your life. Embracing organization is not just an action; it's a strategic move towards a more balanced and fulfilling existence, proving the profound impact of organization on our overall well-being.

If you're interested you can find more of Katie's Organizing Services here!

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Happy Organizing!



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