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Summer-chic Capsule Wardrobe

Summer-Chic Capsule Wardrobe

Hello Summer! We are so excited for the sunshine, warm weather, and all the events that come with it! However, when a busy day is ahead, the last thing anyone wants to stress about is what to wear. This post will alleviate the overwhelming feeling you get when standing in your closet and “having nothing to wear” and allow you to get dressed stress-free. This summer capsule wardrobe will enable you to effortlessly put together many outfit variations from very few timeless pieces that you can wear year after year! 

The main difference between capsule wardrobes during different seasons is the color palette. Many of you most likely have some of these pieces in your closet, and you can build on them by adding new colors. However, if you are looking for a place to start, focus on the lighter and neutral colors of the summer season. Then, as it transitions to fall, you can build fall colors into your wardrobe.

1. Button Up Shirt

Now, you might be thinking that button-ups can come across as professional-looking, but NO! The button-up top is a staple and should become your new best friend. For the summer, look at silk, cotton, or a light linen material. Colorful button-ups are very trendy this summer. If you are beginning your capsule wardrobe, avoid them and stick to the neutrals. White, black, tan, navy, and the color you look best in are great foundations! However, if you fall victim to the trend (we don’t blame you), don’t splurge, as you will most likely not be wearing it in a couple of years. 

To keep it casual, the fit should be looser. Utilize French tucks, a half-tuck, or knotting it in the front to give your body figure. If you wear the button-down untucked, especially with jeans, make sure it hits at your natural hip to give your body proportion! Cuffing or rolling the sleeves provides the top with a fresh look and also helps keep you cool! Best places to buy a button down:

Brands under $25:

  1. H&M
  2. Old Navy
  3. Target

Brands under $50:

  1. Banana Republic
  2. Gap
  3. Zara

Brands under $100:

  1. Everlane
  2. J. Crew
  3. Reformation

2. Slim Fit Jeans

Yes, you can still wear your skinny jeans, we promise! However, a good pair of slim-fit jeans are easier to throw on and being comfy in (and they are semi-lose, so you don’t have to wiggle them on ☺). If you do not already own slim-fit jeans, we recommend getting medium or light wash denim with no distressing. They are still casual enough for a t-shirt and sneakers but have the potential to be dressed up with a blazer and heels. 

Slim-fit jeans are tight through the knee and then loosen up into a straight cut. They are NOT the same as wide-leg or super skinny jeans. They highlight your legs and allow for them to be elongated. Look for a pant that hits right above your angle. This will allow you to wear the jeans with sneakers, sandals, and heels! A tip for hemming your jeans is a good DIY with kitchen scissors and a measuring tape. Start small and try on your jeans with shoes after every cut. Trust us, everyone does this and if your jeans fray a little bit, cut off the string!

Brands under $25:

  1. H&M
  2. Old Navy
  3. Target

Brands under $50:

  1. ASOS
  2. Banana Republic
  3. Zara

Brands under $100:

  1. Everlane
  2. Gap
  3. Madewell

3. White Sneakers

If you do not already own a pair of white sneakers, run, do not walk to the mall! We promise you when we say that these are lifesavers. Expensive white sneakers are not needed, and there are many for under $100 that even celebrities such as Meghan Markle wear. Many white sneakers on the market right now have small color accents on the side or back of them. We would recommend going for a neutral color such as white, black, navy, beige, silver, or gold. This way, the shoe is truly versatile, and you can wear it with any outfit. 

Now, if you are anything like us and our families, a pair of white sneakers would not last a month and would constantly need clearing. We're going to let you in on a secret, Mr. Clean magic erasers. These work on all materials except suede and take less than two minutes of scrubbing for your shoes to look brand new again!

Brands under $50:

  1. Adidas
  2. DSW
  3. Nordstrom Rack

Brands under $100:

  1. Chelsea Violet
  2. Gianni Bini
  3. Veja

Brands under $150:

  1. ASH
  2. Sam Edelman
  3. Thousand Fell

4. A Suit

The great thing about this part of the summer capsule wardrobe is that almost everyone has a suit! If you do not, no worries! They have recently become so popular that you can find a good quality one for relatively inexpensive. We recommend a beige or white suit. The light color in the summer is classic, lasting you a lifetime if well taken care and is tailored to fit your body like a glove. The pant style does not matter as long as it fits your body well, but I recommend mid-rise to high-waisted. To keep the blazer modern and feeling chic, we like a more oversized feel. It should fit well in your shoulders and your arms, but go a little past your hips. 

Here is where it gets fun! Wearing suit pieces individually is a huge trend right now. You can put on a graphic tee with sneakers or sandals to dress it down with the suit pants. You can also wear them with wedges and a blouse to dress it up. The blazer can be worn with shorts and jeans as well as a blouse or t-shirt!

Many of the pieces we mentioned, such as sandals, heels, a graphic tee, and a t-shirt are not classic and will be out of style within the next couple of years. To avoid splurging on something that will not give you much in return, stores such as Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack are great places to shop. 

For sandals, we like to get these at Target and small boutiques. They have a consistent selection of neutral sandals (and trendy ones for when you want to add a twist) that are most likely under $25. 

For heels, it is all about comfort. If you want a wedge instead of a heel, Target is still a great place to shop. However, if you want a true heel, we recommend brands: Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto and Dolce Vita. You can even find these brands at Nordstrom Rack or Amazon, just remember to set your search filter to narrow in on these brands so you don't have to search so long!

For a plain cotton t-shirt, please search no farther than Target. Universal Thread makes the best quality and most comfortable tees for $8. They are a looser women’s fit, so you can get your actual size. 

For a graphic tee, our favorite shop is Saturday Morning Pancakes. They have the best ones with song lyrics and even make some ones for the littles. Chaser Brand is so soft and can be found at Nordstrom, and occasionally Amazon.

Happy Shopping!

Elevate your summer wardrobe with our expert guidance!  Click the link below to collaborate with our fashion specialists and create your perfect summer capsule wardrobe. Let's curate your ideal look together. 

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