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What to Wear to New York Fashion Week

What to Wear to New York Fashion Week

I just attended my first ever New York Fashion Week with my sister. It had been a dream of mine for years. And after 2+ years of canceled shows, scaled back shows, and private only shows, this September 2022 the fashion scene was back ablaze in NYC!

Because this was my first experience at NYFW, I found myself wondering, what do I even wear to fashion week? Even though I'm a personal stylist, I was unsure of the best approach to curating these outfits. I took to Google for some advice but didn't have much luck. After attending several shows, at several different venues on several different scales, I have some major thoughts and advice.

Comfort On The Bottom

When it comes to picking out your footwear you basically have two options; sneakers, or fabulous shoes while you carry a bag that can fit your sneakers in it to change back into after the shoe. I had no idea how much walking, standing, and waiting in line there would be. These shows are also so spread out that if you have a full schedule like I did, you will find yourself hustling around town to catch the next show. I opted almost solely for sneakers, especially for the daytime shows. I found this much more comfortable than standing in line in heels will holding a bulky bag. But I can't say that I didn't find myself slightly jealous every time I peeped someone in killer heels.

New York Fashion Week Outfits

Mix Prints

This is your chance to wear something you wouldn't normally wear, so go for it! Find your two favorite patterned clothing items and put them together, it doesn't matter if they match at all. Then add a pop of color in an accessory like a belt to really make the outfit pop. Don't overthink it, anything goes!

Layers, Draping, and Layers

While you will still look fine in pants and a top, this is your chance to really level up. Add layers wherever you can. Jackets, blazers, shawls, boas, rhinestone belts, head scarfs, the possibilities are endless.

New York Fashion Week Outfits

Bold Colors

I had this all pink magenta outfit planned to wear and decided not to pack it at the last minute. After seeing so much color in street style I totally could have pulled it off. Instead I got to "stylist rulesy" and thought that the pink was much too summery and because it was after Labor Day I should ditch the looks. Such a mistake in my thinking, all colors, any shade or brightness go during fashion week. I instead went for this moss green oversized sleeve dress which worked out great too.

New York Fashion Week Outfits

Big Accessory Energy

This is pretty self explanatory. Don't underestimate the power of some larger than life hoop earrings to really elevate your look. 

Add Level 2 Accessories

When we think of accessories the typical ones like shoes, jewelry, and a purse come to mind. Here is your chance to add to the basics. I call these these the level 2 accessories. Accessories that you probably don't wear at your 9-5 or during your mom duties.

But your not in the office or burping babies, you're at NYFW so for the love, go for it. Some of my favorite level 2 accessories include: printed panty hose, belt buckles, tall school girl socks, gem stone hair pieces, hair extension pony tails, gloves, over the knee boots, any kind of fur, and feathered hats.

New York Fashion Week Outfits

Monochrome Mood

I got to the point where I was so overwhelmed with trying to put together this perfect look, that I eventually wore myself exhausted, and I went back to my old standby, monochrome. This look is so chic and timeless. To pull it off pick something that you love. For me it's my brown satin joggers. They are so comfortable and unique I just love them. Then I add in either a top in the same shade of dark brown. Or, I choose all other articles in a different shade of that color. I didn't snap a cute fashion week pic in this fit, but It was great for running around NYC in the morning.

Face Jewels, Glitter & Shimmery Shine

Every time I saw someone standing in line with rhinestones on the corner of their eyes, or glitter in their hair, I kicked myself. These are easy details that you can buy at Claire's or Amazon. Don't go overboard like a high school girl during homecoming. But some subtle sparkle will really help you stand out in the crowd.

Face and Body Glitter

Crop Tops, Mesh & Leather

I don't find myself wearing a lot of crop tops while at the grocery store or picking my kids up from practice, ya know my normal life. But this was the perfect excuse to wear some of my favorite trends. And the fact that I was surrounded by strangers made it much easier to bare my belly.

Again don't overthink it. Remember you are there to observe fashion, not be fashion. There is no pressure on you as an audience member to match the models on the runway. But it is the perfect time to play dress up and rediscover your inner fashion goddess.

New York Fashion Week Outfit

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